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Message from the Owner 12-04-2014

The Wyeth-Scott Company is a small manufacturing company located in Newark, Ohio USA. The company started in 1906 making concrete items, and then in 1934 started manufacturing The More Power Puller®. The only product currently manufactured is The More Power Puller®.

Wyeth-Scott is a certified WBE (Women's Business Enterprise) and a WOSB (Woman Owned Small Business).

We are not a flashy company, we're not great at advertising, nor do we make false claims. What we are is honest hard working people that are proud of manufacturing (what we think) is the greatest quality cable puller ever made. Also know as a: / come-along / hand winch / synthetic rope puller / portable ratchet puller.

The More Power Puller® is Made in the USA. Our ductile iron castings are made in Alabama and the bulk of our parts are from the USA, but not all. See our FAQ's for the most up to date percentage of US parts. We aren't perfect, but try our best.

Beware of a copy-cat puller that is on the market that is made elsewhere. Before trying to purchase our puller from a supplier, please verify that it is manufactured by Wyeth-Scott and is "The More Power Puller®", not just "Power Puller".

Here at Wyeth-Scott we drill the raw ductile iron castings, drill hooks, cut cable/rope, install cable/rope ends, install hooks on cable/rope, cut pipe, splice synthetic rope, punch handles, install grips/labels on handles, install safety latches, assemble pullers, paint pullers, plus much much more.

We take great pride in manufacturing The More Power PullerĀ®. Each unit has been hand built in Newark, Ohio since 1934. It has proven to be absolutely the most rugged and durable puller ever made, and we are very proud of this.

We stand behind our product 100%, so please call us anytime with a problem or suggestion. A human will actually answer the phone!

Thank you,
Amy Kent

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