More POWER Puller

Available with Steel Cable or AmSteel®Blue Rope

The More Power Puller Available with Steel Cable or AmSteel®Blue Rope

Now available, "optional" extension handles!
Cut your effort in half with a longer handle.


  • Proudly hand-built and made in Newark, Ohio USA since 1934
  • 26 pounds of solid ductile iron and steel, painted bright red
  • 2-ton (4,000 lbs.) and 3-ton (6,000 lbs.) capacity models - dead lift rating using double line.
    Drag/pull rating is 2x that for vehicle extraction!
  • Cable or synthetic rope in 20' or 35' lengths
  • Extra heavy-duty 5/16" wire rope (cable) OR amazingly strong 5/16" AmSteel-Blue synthetic rope
  • Removable tackle block hook and safety handle included
  • Dual sided reel & pawl system
  • Built-in safety features
  • Durability that will last for generations


The More Power Puller® has been manufactured by The Wyeth Scott Company since 1934. We are proud to state that it is the safest and most durable cable puller ever made. This heavy-duty industrial-grade portable hand winch is NOT the type of light-weight puller you will find at most home centers or discount stores. The More Power Puller® has been designed and proven to perform in a variety of demanding environments without bending, breaking or collapsing.

We encourage you to compare the construction of The More Power Puller® to other brands of cable pullers on the market. Our cable pullers are built with 26 pounds of solid iron and steel components - never light-weight aluminum. The cable model features a very capable 5/16" flexible wire rope, not the more common 1/4" (or smaller) aircraft cable. The synthetic rope model - which you will find only at Wyeth Scott - features 5/16" lightweight, stronger-than-steel AmSteel-Blue.

The design of The More Power Puller® hasn't changed much in over 80 years...why would we want to change a good thing? This hand winch will last for generations. We regularly service pullers that are 30 to 55 years old, and often all they need is a new cable or spring. We are confident that you will find The More Power Puller® to be a reliable, safe, and heavy-duty tool that will prove to be indispensable.