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More POWER Puller


"I am 70+ years old. I still have the "red devil puller" my Grandfather bought before WWII for the homestead in N NM. We stretched miles of bob wire fence with it, pulled dozens of trucks and Jeeps out of snowbanks. It's pulled countless calves and colts out of jammed birth canals since before I was born. Let that sink in.

Never once has this winch fail to pull. Not once has any part broke or failed in any way. Nothing about it was ever designed to become obsolete so we would have to buy a new one for 80 years and still counting. It's been thrown around and bounced around for thousands of miles of dirt roads.

Now get this: It still works like the day it left the factory.

I can't tell you how many times a neighbor rancher's truck raced down our drive, (sometimes the driver was a girl or boy my age; 8 or 10, barely able to see over the dash and hit the brake safely), they jumped out and yanked open our "unlocked" truck door and grabbed the big red winch behind the seat and sped off. Post Haste to pull out a stuck calf and save Momma cow or horse.

Several hours later our rancher neighbor would come back, put the spotlessly cleaned, and oiled winch back in the truck, knock on the back kitchen door, sit at the table and tell us the disposition of the horse, cow and calf over a cup of coffee, bottle of beer or a shot of whiskey. That's the way we all did stuff back then.

Most of the red paint is gone, and it hasn't been used for decades. But I know I can dig it out of the garage, and it will pull like there is no tomorrow, when I need it the most.

You must be proud to still build these winches. Best wishes and keep on keeping on."

Bryce — Missouri

"Hi Folks,

I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it has been to discover your company. EVERYTHING about the experience has been uplifting. Your web site is outstanding - simple and intuitive to navigate, informative and honest with a bit of subtle humor here and there. The purchase process and shipping was seamless.

And your More Power Puller is an incredible reminder of the products and tools America used to be known for. My father was a dirt farmer like his before him and so on back to the 1820's. My Dad always said to save your money and buy the very best tool you could afford and treat it with kindness so it would last you for a life time. Well I've still got lots of his tools 50 years later and I'm proud to add your puller to the collection. Thank you for sticking to a tradition of building a safe, simple, highest quality product to last forever - or almost!

I'd like to think you'll be still making these American mechanical works of art in another 87 years.

All the best to your company and its employees."

Paul — Arizona

"Hello, I've been using my 10 year old More Power Puller all day, and felt the need to contact you.

Plain and simple, I could not be more satisfied with this product.

I was reflecting on the ridiculous things I have used this for, and cannot believe that it literally requires no maintenance or repairs, other than a drop of oil now and then if it squeaks.

I got mine with the amsteel rope 10 years ago, and it is good as new.
While I'm sure it's way out of the recommended load, I once lifted the end of a 40' flatbed trailer for a semi truck, straight line pull, with a pulley up a tree, and pulled it across a steam to turn into a bridge. Everyone involved told me I was crazy, but it worked perfect!

I have pulled out countless trucks stuck down ditches or in the mud, used it as an engine hoist, pulled big beams up onto posts to build a barn, and pulled huge trees out of tight spots to cut them up.

Anyway, thanks. If it ever finally breaks, I'm happy to see the company is still around for support!"

Andy — Washington

"Dear Wyeth-Scott team,

I recently purchased a 3 ton More Power Puller to keep in my truck "just in case". This afternoon at the local village dump a county worker drove his Toyota into the mud up to the frame. There wasn't enough room to fit my truck in behind to yank him out so I unboxed the More Power Puller. Doggone thing is amazing, it took less than 3 minutes to pull him out with the MPP.

Thank you very much for building such a quality product here in the USA. Worth every penny.

Take care and God Bless"


"I’m the third generation user of a Wyeth-Scott Power Puller. My Grandfather first acquired it secondhand sometime in the 60’s or 70’s; I’m not sure of its actual age, but its at least going on 50 years old. My father remembered it being used through his entire childhood and I remember the same from my childhood. A couple of years ago the cable (the original from what we can tell) broke. I was home for this past Christmas and among the projects on the table was repairing the old trusty come-a-long. I was pleasantly surprised when I found the Wyeth-Scott YouTube channel with detailed and clear instructions for popping out the old cable. I was even more pleasantly surprised when I discovered Wyeth-Scott’s easy to use and clearly navigable website and ordering system.

The real kicker came with the top notch customer service. We ordered Christmas Eve and received a prompt reply that our Order would be processed as soon as the shop personnel returned for the Holiday. The day after Christmas, Wyeth-Scott sent an email that they had been working on processing our order and noticed an irregularity in the parts we had ordered. It was a good thing they reached out, as a second look revealed my father and I had mistakenly ordered a wrong part. Wyeth-Scott was quick to fix that and even followed up with additional questions and suggestions regarding our order and repair. The customer service was top notch... oh and, what I thought was just a pleasant customer service representative was actually Ms. Amy Kent, Company Owner herself.

The parts arrived within a couple days and using some of the directions from the YouTube channel we were able to install the new cable with ease. Prior to cable installation we did take the time to clean up the old come-a-long. It looks great and works as good as new. I look forward to another 50 years with this come-a-long in the family.

Wyeth-Scott was amazing. Name one other company that is American owned and operated, been making the same high quality product for 85 years, uses primarily American parts (and is upfront about the small portion that is not), and whose owner will send you detailed customer service emails and responses the day after Christmas. You don’t last nearly 100 years without a top notch product and excellent service, Wyeth-Scott should be a case study for all American manufacturing to follow."

Seth — Kentucky

"I have recently purchased your 3-ton More Power Puller with 35' of blue Amsteel. I am extremely impressed with it. Its capabilities have exceeded my expectations in size, weight, structure and ease of use. I bought this product because over here in the UK there is nothing that really comes close to it.

I am a chainsaw instructor and arborist and can see a real market for these winches to replace old, heavy, cumbersome wire winches. As it currently stands you need a CE mark to sell in Europe - I'm not sure what the process is to getting one but your simple, compact design and how quickly you can set it up is unbeatable. I can see them being marketed not only for forestry/arb applications but for the 4x4 off-roading enthusiasts. I am not a retailer but just someone who sees an opportunity for your product (and basically I bloody love it!). I wanted to buy something similar over here but there was nothing that came close.

If you feel that selling in Europe is something you want to do please email me and we can discuss this further. Thank you for your time."

David — United Kingdom

"I'm Paul's older brother and I have the other set of wire line "Jacks" that is still in the family. I've turned 50 this year and I have been using these come-a-longs since I was big enough to drag a set of them around. Paul stated that these have been in the family for generations now... in that, he is absolutely correct. We grew up along a creek in Western Pa and, as kids, we would always be damming up the creek so that we could have a swimming hole to use all summer long. Every spring, the high water would wash away our dam and we would spend days putting it back into place. We used these come-a-longs in the creek for days on end, hooking up large stones and pulling them into place. With a double line pull and a "cheater" bar, you could move a very large block of stone, weighing into the thousands of pounds. Pulling a vehicle (with round wheels no less) was practically child's play.

As I got older, I mainly used these for pulling stumps, trees and rocks. On many occasions, we would dig around the base of a tree, cut the roots and then pull the whole tree over. Some of these trees were over a foot in diameter and 45 to 50 feet tall. With the 30 or so feet of cable that is on the spool, you have so many options on what you can do with these come-a-longs.

Now, I'm cutting trees and doing arborist stuff on the side as a hobby. These come-a-longs are my "go-to" tool for almost every tree that I cut. Most are back-leaners over a structure or wire and I rely solely on these come-a-longs to get the tree stood upright and then pull it over center and break it off in a controlled fashion. I don't use a vehicle to pull a tree like this... there are too many variables with doing that. These come-a-longs keep a solid, constant tension and they never give an inch. I refer to them as "an ex-wife" now and then... they always take and take and never give anything (slack) back. These come-a-longs see constant use and are pulling on something at least once a week. I keep them oiled up and ready to go at all times. To me, they are just as important as the chainsaw.

Recently, I was at a local hardware supply store and they had some larger versions of stamped come-a-longs on the shelves. I checked these new machines over very carefully and after about 3 minutes, I came to the conclusion that I would NEVER want to run one of those pieces of .... fecal matter... to say it politely. I did not like the way or fashion that involved letting a load back down while under tension. When using these come-a-longs, many is the time when I've bitten off more than I can chew and had to back off the come-a-longs while they were under extreme tension and go for a different approach to the problem at hand. With your come-a-longs, this is pretty easy to do and I still have all my fingers intact. With these new ones, you have to reach right down into the heart of the contraption to let it back down ( as near as I could figure anyways.) Uhhh... no thanks.... I'll stay with what I have.

When Paul said that you folks were still in business and actually had repair parts for these old machines, I was pretty astounded. I had written these off as "antiques" and never to be fixed if broken. It's good to see that a company that makes such a superior product is still in business and is able to still support the original versions. Unlike Paul's come-a-longs, mine are in very good functioning order and nothing needs replaced. His have seen some rougher times and they show it. However, beat up as they are, they still function decently well and I used them right up until I gave them to him... do you really think I was going to give him the good set?

Can I make a recommendation on how to make them any better? The answer at this time is NO. Your come-a-longs are absolutely rugged and they get the job done, time and time again."

Bill — Pennsylvania

"I wanted to tell you about the pullers we use in Western Pennsylvania. My grand father purchased two of these "come-a-longs" some where in the mid 1940s time frame. A post depression child my grand father attached monetary value to very little in life. If he could make a buck he would sell something. There was no attachment to physical things. Yet we still have the same two power pullers in my family and in active use... Fast forward to my childhood, I was born in July 1973 and these pullers were already well worn in all fields of use. For those that know, the primary use was pulling vertical shallow oil wells and taking tension on rod lines some which were more than a mile long. They snaked around trees, hill tops, and any other geologic formation in the way. I grew up pulling stones one click at a time to shore up the local creek bank to help protect our home from flooding. Some stones were the size of small cars. They have been used to pull tree tops from over numerous homes and enabled more than few trucks to get out of ditches.

I have one my direct possession and it has seen so much wear the reel and pulling dogs are actually getting rounded over and no longer stay locked 100% of the time. This is over 60+ years of hard use. It is most likely more but no one in my family has direct knowledge of the production or purchase time frame.. When an uncle who is 70 years old remember having them as a young child and knows them by sight. You're buying some thing that you will pass on for generations.

To those that care and are thinking about buying one... These things last. Oil the pivot points, don't abuse it, keep the cable clean and use them smartly. Are they expensive? You bet. And when you need to pull something like a man and your home depended on it to survive. I'm the guy you call. The dollar amount spent is peanuts. My power puller sits in my shed, collects dust until something comes along 4 or 5 times a year. I don't call a company to move something, I move it... Thinking about buying one.. The heck with that, buy two! When you're ready to pull like you mean it you will use a power puller. All the other copies don't even serve as boat anchors. That would be a waste of good rope.

Move like you mean it."

Paul — New Jersey (previously from Pennsylvania)

"I'm very happy your company exists! I initially tried one of those CHEAP Asian "wannabe" come alongs, and it BROKE on first use! I QUICKLY returned it to Amazon, and found your product on-line. I quickly educated myself on durability, safe use, and quality design, so here I am. I'd gladly pay more for a QUALITY AMERICAN PRODUCT. By the way, I chose to order it DIRECT from you guys to show my support. Wishing you continued success... Thanks so much!"

Mark — Idaho

"Good morning.

I thought I'd drop you a note to let you know that the 3 ton puller I bought did a sterling job hauling my Wharram Tiki 21 sailboat around the beach when we launched it at the weekend.

The puller was very easy to use. In fact, my next door neighbor's son, who is only 10 years old, cranked the puller on his own for two of the sets (35 feet of AmSteel-Blue line) when we recovered the boat -- no trouble at all.

It might not be as fast as an electric winch. But I couldn't plug a winch in at the beach anyway, so the Wyeth-Scott More Power Puller wins hands down!

It's a great, non-electrical solution I can use anytime and anywhere. In fact, I will be keeping it on my sailboat, just in case we go hard aground or get stranded onshore by the tide. Just row out an anchor and start cranking!

Thanks for shipping it all the way to Hong Kong.


Brian — Hong Kong

"Just thought I'd let you know your winch that I bought around 1973-74, easily paid for itself AGAIN yesterday - 02/07/2016! Yes, I've had it about 42 years! I had to pull a 3/4 Chevy 4x4 about 40 feet up an ice covered logging road. I have a 2-35 model and it handled this job about effortlessly with the line doubled up!! Thanks for making such an awesome unit!"

Dave — WI

"I will be placing an order for a 3-20-SLT to be shipped to Wisconsin as a wedding gift. In reference to our call today at 1:00, we would like to see if you can paint [wedding couple's name & date] on it in honor of their wedding.

A quick thank you: The second date my wife Audrey and I went on involved winching a 1957 B Model Mack on to my trailer with a vintage More Power Puller a friend got for me at a yard sale (he has had one also for 30 years). Audrey steered the old Mack while I operated your winch. I like to think that the quality, durability, and dependability of your product is one of the reasons that she chose to marry me!"

Ben — IN

"...again, thank you. Your grandfather created something that my grandfather bought and used for 50 years. John fixed it back up as good as new, I figure my family will be using it for another 50 years. Maybe our ancestors will do business together again. I wouldn't mind having one of the new ones myself, I sorta envy Bill and his blue roped model. Again, thanks Amy."

David — OH

"Greetings, I purchased one of your cable pullers back in 1999, the best tool I've ever owned! I have used it extensively to move/roll Big Rocks, pull My Ford 350 Super Duty out of mud etc... Yesterday I took it a little too far and have messed up a couple parts on the ratchet Cogs, P14 and R17. Can I have my puller rebuilt if I send it to you, or is it better to purchase a new one? I felt invincible with this puller, came in last night after it failed feeling like some one had put Kryptonite in my pocket. Can't live without it!!"

Curt — SC

"Replacing one that's worn out after 30 years of abuse."

David — AL

"Nice website. I have used your pullers for years at work and can attest to the quality you build into these "machines"."

Brown — WV

"I inherited this come along from my dad who used it for many years. I got it from him around 1990 and continued to use it for my job as a heavy equipment mechanic, and around my garage since then. Thanks, Jim."

Jim — WV

"My father purchased the 2 ton version of this come-along and it was the best tool I have ever had. I can't tell you just how I felt to find that it was missing but I knew I had to replace it immediately. I'm glad to see there are still quality tool manufacturers in Ohio."

Aaron — OH

"Great little puller. I found two of them thrown out on a job site in 1981. It was the Lorain Carnegie bridge repair in Cleveland, Ohio. The job lasted three years and the pullers were used to drag a scaffold bridge under the bridge to carry the painter and sand blast crew. The paws were worn down to nubs. I took the pullers home then, and found parts at Samsel Rope in Cleveland. Later I used these pullers in my business and back in the woods to pull trees and stuck trucks. I'm glad you put your name on the handle. I found you with a google search."

Haulin-N-Such LLC
Steve — OH

"Wow, what a unit!! To compare this unit to those pieces of junk sold in big box stores is a joke. Why anyone would waste their time even considering such a choice is beyond me. Pretty clear to me my grandson's son will be using this thing one day. Thank you for making such a quality product, must be rewarding for all your employees to know all your customers smile at the wisdom of their purchase from you."

Randy — IL

"I already own one of these that I bought for my hunting land and old 4x4 a few years ago. Great tool. It once helped get a 6000 lb bobcat out of a ditch. Heck of a workout, but it did the job! I wanted a spare for my SUV since it is 2wd - worth the price not to get stranded. Thank you!

Best winch I've ever used!"

Brian — GA

"Your Puller arrived just in time for hunting. A very well built, and for the first time in my life, perfectly functioning, cable puller. We did not get stuck hunting, so we tested it out, skidding our Ford F-250 around a couple of times in the yard. It weighs 3500 lbs. It gave us great confidence to have it in the back as we climbed in and out of some very snow and mud covered back roads getting to our hunting areas. Thank you for getting it up to me in good time, and for building such a wonderful product. I will be sure to show it off to anyone I think might be thinking they have a need for a cable puller."

Dave — Canada

"Thanks for the response. I will order direct from you in near future. I was out on a hunting trip, and got some first hand experience with your come along. My thoughts were, where has this been all of my life. Keep up the great product."

Dave — Canada

"I just wanted to let you know that it's nice to do business with a company like yours. I used one of your pullers on a job in Cleveland last week and I decided to buy one for myself. Your website showed the products, it was easy to order one, and you shipped it already. No crap like many other companies I deal with.

They aren't cheap, but I saw that you really get what you pay for with your pullers. I have no doubt it will last me a lifetime.

Thanks and I will definitely recommend you to others."

Tim — WV

"I had this come a long for almost 40 years with faultless use, until the spring broke. Great product."

Jeff — WI

"Excellent product. Nothing compares. Buying parts to restore my 4th 2 ton model. Pulls trees, cars, stuck vehicles, you name it. Tough as nails. Thank you, Wyeth-Scott!"

Best puller I've ever used. Unstoppable with a snatch block.

Scott — CO

"I am so proud to see an American product that is so superior to anything on the market. I wish I could buy one for every truck all at one time but I am fighting to keep all of my people employed and there is little to spare.

I believe things will get better but until they do, I will have to go slow. You can bet that my guys will be showing off their new come-alongs (and those who don't have one will be whining about it). It is a very good product.

You should be proud of yourselves."


"A few weeks ago I dumped my Kubota tractor, bucket attached, over the edge of a hill. It sat, upside down on the hillside, while I tried to figure out how to rescue it. I bought a Maasdam puller at Home Depot. Piece of junk. Bent and stripped without even budging the tractor.

Enter my new MorePower Puller. Totally lived up to everything you folks said it would do. I'm thrilled. If you ever need testimonials, sign me up. Thanks for such a good product."


"Haaa! Just pulled a 1999 F250 Super Duty 4x4 with around 2,000 lbs of gravel up a steep driveway, your More Power Puller is awesome ~ so much nicer than my old, never to be used again, home depot special..."

Ian — CA

"To whom it may concern, My Father purchased his puller in 1969, ten years before I was born. So it has been used by my Father and me. I hate to admit it but I was probably a little more abusive to it when I was younger. However, no matter what my Father or I put it thru this is the very first time we have had to order any replacement parts for his puller, the cable is even in great shape. I only have to order this part because of a broken cotter pin that allowed the rivet to fall out while transporting a vehicle on a trailer. When I discovered this, I was both surprised and very pleased to find that the pawl and spring stayed in place till I released the tension on the cable. Unfortunately for me, the rivet on the other hand is on the side of the road somewhere. I want to say THANK YOU very much for making a quality tool and for still being an American company, when so many others have fled for the other side of our southern border. My next purchase from you will be for my own (More Power Puller)."


"I saw your webpage and wanted to let you know that I have had one of your come-alongs since 1978, bought it when I was a game warden for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Still have it and used it this weekend. It pulled out my truck, tractors, 350 JD dozer and NEVER had anything break on it. One of the best products on the market and will passed it down to one of the sons.

Everyone wants one when they see mine in action. Will promote your website."


"...This has been a great puller. I can remember my Dad using this 50 years ago. I don't think it has had any replacement parts till now. Thanks"


"A friend used one of your two ton pullers to help me remove my Toyota 4 Runner from a deep red clay mud hole in the deep woods near the south shore of Lake Superior in far northern Wisconsin. The mud hole was severe enough where ATV's were getting stuck following a track somewhat similar to the line I followed, or tried to follow. The winch moved my vehicle out of the mud hole in about five minutes. The night before I was pretty nervous about how I was going to extricate my vehicle from this largely self made mess. Once I get my new puller I'll carry it in the back of my 4 runner wherever I go!"

Joe — WI

"P.S. Excellent product. It has helped both myself, & many others out of some very bad predicaments. Has also saved 3 lives when people were pinned under vehicles. Keep up the good work."


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