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What is AmSteel-Blue?
AmSteel-Blue is an amazing synthetic rope that is stronger than cable, but so light that it floats. This is not your typical poly rope - the average strength of 5/16" AmSteel-Blue is 13,700 lbs.! The manufacturer of the rope is Samson®, located in the state of Washington. For more information on AmSteel-Blue you can go to their website (www.samsonrope.com) or simply search the internet.
What are the pros and cons of AmSteel-Blue?
Synthetic Rope vs Steel Cable AmSteel-Blue Cable
Lighter weight  
Longer life  
Resistant to permanent smashing  
Longest length available on 3-ton model  
Extremely flexible  
No wire wickers  
Conforms to reel when new  
No kinking  
No permanent crushing when improperly wound with a heavy load  
Resists fraying when used consistently over abrasive surfaces (sharp rocks, etc.)  
Chemical resistant  
Not affected by welding sparks, etc.  
Lower cost  
Wraps - Start with minimum wraps under load. This is essential with initial use.
I don't believe a "rope" could be stronger than cable. Is it really?
Yes. Not that we don't trust the manufacturer of the ropes own test results, but we had our own tests done at a certified lab in Columbus, Ohio to see how it performed on The More Power Puller®. The answer is still yes, it is stronger than cable.
What size do you use?
What models do you offer with AmSteel-Blue?
3 ton with 35 feet (Model # 3-35-A-SLT) and a 2 ton with 20 feet (Model # 2-20-A-SLT). Both these models come standard with safety latches on the hooks.
What are the prices?
Go to our Prices & On-line Orders page for the prices.
What do the new pullers weigh?
3-35-A-SLT: 24.0 lbs., without tackle block hook on rope, it is 20.6 lbs.
2-20-A-SLT: 22.6 lbs., without tackle block hook on rope, it is 19.8 lbs.
Why are the prices so much higher than cable?
Because the AmSteel-Blue cost us much more than cable.
Can I buy them at a better price from one of your suppliers?
Possibly. To avoid competition with our valued suppliers, we market our pullers at list price. Many online suppliers offer the same models at a discounted price.
I already own The More Power Puller and would like to replace the cable with AmSteel-Blue. Do you offer replacement rope?
Yes. It comes in either 20' or 35' with the end hook (w/safety latch) spliced on the rope. Note: The 35' length of rope will only fit on the reel hubs that are 1 ½", not the older 2" hubs. We don't recommend it, but some people go ahead and purchase the 35' rope for their 2" hub since the rope does flatten out quite a bit after use and will then fit better.

If you purchase the replacement rope you MUST USE our safety handle. The rope acts like a constrictor snake and can break the older iron reel if the puller is overloaded.

If you have a very old 2 ton P15 tackle block hook (black) it needs to have a removable rivet. Replacement rivet is part # P19. You may also want to replace the sheave so the AmSteel-Blue fits in the groove better. That part # is SH.

The reel attachment (part # RF) is not 100% installed. Please go to our documents section for the installation directions. We will gladly install the rope for you here at our factory in Newark, Ohio at no charge.
Since AmSteel-Blue is so much stronger than cable, why not use 1/4" so you could get more length?
Safety. AmSteel-Blue, and cable, strength is reduced when it goes around the reel (small object). If we used 1/4" AmSteel-Blue instead of 5/16", the 1/4" rope's breaking point would be reduced too much for our specs. The 5/16" is not.
Is 35 feet the longest you can get on the puller?
Yes. It actually has 37 feet, but we lose about 2 feet of "use" with the splices.
My AmSteel-Blue rope is stuck on the reel. What did I do wrong?
Spooling the initial wraps of rope on the reel under tension is critically important to keep the rope from diving into the loose packed rope.

When your puller is shipped from our factory, the rope is NOT tightly wound.

It is always best to start pulling a load with the minimum number of wraps around the reel. This is especially important with the first few uses.

When a load is applied to the puller, the rope layers under the upper rope layers act as the drum. If the lower layers are not tightly wound under load they will let the outer layer to wedge down into the lower layers causing the rope to get stuck. This will prevent free spooling back out.

If this does happen with AmSteel-Blue, most people can pull it out with their hands. However, in a few instances one might not be able to do that. To un-stick the rope you can simply anchor the puller to something and then use a small vehicle in low gear to gently pull the rope out. Note: This takes 2 people. Someone has to have the puller's pawls released while one is in the vehicle. The synthetic rope should be okay!
What is the shelf life of AmSteel-Blue?
Per Samson®: If the rope is kept protected from chemicals and direct sunlight, there should be no degradation over long periods of time. AmSteel-Blue has been manufactured since the early 1990's.
If I keep the puller with AmSteel-Blue in my truck, in high heat, does that damage the rope?
Per Samson®: AmSteel-Blue, an HMPE rope, will not dry rot. The temperature only becomes an issue if it reaches 150 degrees or higher. You may start to see some color fading in the rope, but that has no effect on strength. The rope will only begin to lose strength after harsh use (overloading, shock loading, etc.) not harsh storing conditions. It should be fine for many years to get you unstuck.