Available with Steel Cable or
AmSteel®Blue Rope

More POWER Puller

History - Just the Facts

Wyeth-Scott Company or its owner/officers can not be held liable for any errors due to the long time since the beginning of the company. This information is the best available information Wyeth-Scott has.

1906 Wyeth-Scott Company started.

Location: Sisal Street in Newark, Ohio

Products: Sold concrete stone products such as foundation blocks, burial vaults, etc.

Original owners: Wright D. Wyeth, Harry Scott, Charles L. Wyeth, Walter M. Julian and Flavia Helen Wyeth
1909 Wyeth-Scott became a corporation
1916 Edward Brown Moore invented cable puller with double interlocking pawls. Note the last name: Moore (More Power Puller®...?) Patent # 1,206,019
1934 The More Power Puller® is manufactured by Wyeth-Scott Co.

We believe it was sold earlier than 1934, but this is the earliest that can currently be proven.

Unfortunately, many documents were thrown out over the years.
1971 Wyeth-Scott Co. purchased by Thomas (Tom) R. Kent and Robert (Bob) N. Kent

Purchased from: Flavia Helen Wyeth (34 shares), PNB Trust under the will of Flavia Helen Wyeth (32 shares), Clifton L. Bishop (6 shares) and David B. & Lucy Wyeth Hoffman (2 shares). Total of 74 shares.

Tom and Bob were the owners of Newark Concrete aka Licking Concrete.

They bought Wyeth-Scott due to the concrete burial vaults made by Wyeth-Scott and the fact that they owned a concrete company. The More Power Puller® was not even considered in the purchasing of the company

The Kent's were no relation to any of the owners the company was purchased from.
1973 Tom and Bob Kent went their separate ways in both companies.
1973 Thomas R. Kent (Tom) owned 100% of Wyeth-Scott.
1973 The old factory was quite "antique", so a new building was built at 85 Dayton Road, Newark, Ohio

Manufactured: Concrete burial vaults, stepping stones and The More Power Puller®
70's & 80's US oil boom happened and The More Power Puller® sales took off...
1973 Tom asked James W. Davies (Jim) to join the company and Jim became a 10% owner of Wyeth-Scott. Jim was the shop manager.
1975 Started manufacturing the Push Pull Jack
1976 David L. Finckel, Tom's step-son, joined the company. Dave worked in the puller area for quite awhile and eventually just in the burial vault area.
1976 Tom and Jim built a building next to Wyeth-Scott and started Newark Tractor & Implement Co. A few years later, Newark Tractor was sold.
1981 Sold Push Pull Jack business to another manufacturer
1983 Wyeth-Scott started building industrial/warehouse rental buildings.
As of 2014, a total of 26 rental units ranging in size from 1,600' SF to 7,700' SF had been built.
1984 Amy Kent (Tom Kent's daughter) worked for Wyeth-Scott part time for many years, but became full time employed in 1984 as the bookkeeper/secretary. Over the years, Amy became the office manager and did all the office work.
1986 The rental buildings portion of Wyeth-Scott was separated out.
Beauterre Holdings became the name of the company that owned the rental buildings.
Wyeth-Scott became a subsidiary of Beauterre.
Still the same owners in both companies.
2000 Company website developed
2003 Jim Davies retired 100%
2004 With great sorrow, on 10/06/2004 Tom Kent passed away after decades of battling Chrons disease and the associated problems. In 2000 Tom was also diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.
2004 Amy Kent (Tom's daughter) became the executor of Tom's will, trustee of the TR Kent Trust, President of Wyeth-Scott and President of Beauterre Holdings.
2005 On 4/01/2005 Dave Finckel (Tom's step-son) bought out the concrete burial vault portion of Wyeth-Scott. This was per Tom's wishes/will.
2005 On 4/14/2005 Jim Davies stock was bought out.
2005 On 8/01/2005 Amy Kent purchased 100% of Wyeth-Scott's stock.
Wyeth-Scott is no longer a subsidiary of Beauterre, but Wyeth-Scott does still manage the rentals.
2005 Wyeth-Scott's only product manufactured is The More Power Puller®.
2007 Discovered a copy-cat puller out there from someone that used to buy direct from us.
2009 On 12/15/09 W/S started offering pullers with AmSteel-Blue synthetic rope.
This was in demand for several years. Jim Donaker figured out how to make it work on our puller.
Note: Jim and Amy married in 2015. They both work at WS.
2010 Became WBE (Women's Business Enterprise) certified. Note: This expired 03/31/2021 and has not renewed. However, nothing has changed.
2012 Became WOSB (Woman Owned Small Business) certified. Note: This expired 03/31/2021 and has not renewed. However, nothing has changed.
2012 & 2013 Began switching from a cast reel to a solid steel reel, drilling grease holes in yoke and reel, beefed up the yoke's wearing point, plus other improvements.
12/2014 All pullers have the above.
2024 A Facebook page for WS was started by employee, Fred Lawson.